Online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years

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Web Video Solutions is happy to announce our new office location at 525 5th ave in the heart of the Historic Gas Lamp District in down town San Diego. Every day many small business are turning to online video marketing to find and engage new customers. Online video is more compelling, and more likely to capture a consumers attention than text or photos alone. If a picture is worth a thousands words imagine what video is worth.



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Twitter now allows you to embed and view video’s directly on to your twitter page. No more redirects to other 3rd party sites. Twitter has established partnerships for video streaming with YouTube, Vimeo, TwitVid, Flickr, Justin.TV, DeviantART, and others. Search engines are ranking video quite highly in organic search results, and often video you will ‘real time’ search result – which is what the search engines value greatly. Twitter explains that video is not an open invitation to flood your followers with video content. Community engagement, re-tweets, posting articles, pics, and now video will altogether ensure a successful twitter marketing strategy. Remember to keep the message short, sweet and to the point. Creating videos for twitter is all about creating a condensed version of the full length video, enticing them to navigate to your site. Web Video Solutions is now actively incorporating this strategy into its marketing efforts. Hope you all got some thing out of this and if you have any further questions regarding video marketing on Twitter, feel free to contact us anytime.

Google recently released its own URL shortening service “” URL shortening is an essential tool used in social media marketing on site like Facebook twitter and many more. All though the market is already saturated with many URL shortening services, Google manged to add a few bells and whistles to set them selves apart from the competition. Here are just a few

1. Goo.glprotectes against malware, phishing and spam.

2. You’ll be able to see data on all the links you’ve ever created and shared, right there in one place.

3. If you’re interested in another person’s shortened link, you can view that data too, just by typing “.info” after the shortened URL, even if you don’t have a Google account.

I have started testing it on some of Web Video Solutions blog syndication’s. Check back for reviews on how I think Google’s new service compares to its competitors.



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Tip 1: Do not deploy video without a  strategy.

So everyone else is out there is using video on the web to promote his or her new product idea or business. All the experts are saying you need implement video into your online marketing strategy in order to stay competitive. So what do you do?

You shoot your little promo piece, putting little thought into the content, the message and the production. Next you upload it, and by doing so you contribute to the problem of all the millions of crappy videos out on the web. Deploying video for the sake of video will not help your cause. Instead put some thought into the message, target audience, placement, etc….

Tip 2: Don’t be a dinosaur.

Using outdated content, and even worse, uploading outdated file formats, such as compressed wmv. avi,  and real media is a big no-no. If you still have the uncompressed video files I suggest recompressing using flv, or m4v file compression which will drastically improve image quality and ensure chances that your video will be able to be viewed on all platforms and browsers. Once again do not use archaic file formats.

Tip 3: The right way and the wrong way.

I have already addressed the importance of using up-to-date file formats. The right combination of resolution, bit rate, frame rate, key frame frequency and de-interlacing are all factors that need to be taken into consideration when coding your video. So use proper encoding and test video for results.

Tip 4: Failure to launch.

Not using video host or CDN (content delivery networks). Most web servers are not optimized to playback high traffic videos. If you anticipate your videos to be high traffic I highly suggest using a CDN or video hosting provider for video integration on your site. Shop around because depending on your budget, CMS and strategy there are many solutions out there with different features and rates. A great resource is a site called, which compares all aspects of video content delivery networks.

Tip 5: Not optimizing video for search results.

Optimizing video for search results is somewhat similar to optimizing your web site in terms of titles, descriptions, tags and metadata, syndication of content, etc. Unfortunately this can be the biggest mistake at all if overlooked. Using software such as Sorenson squeeze allows you to inject metta data into your Flash video files enabling search engines the ability to find and index your video content. . Some tools to syndicate video are sites such as and

Tip 6: Using YouTube correctly.

Nowadays its not just enough to launch video on YouTube and expect them to come up with just your general optimization with tags, titles and descriptions. YouTube is a community site, and with that being said, you have to interact with the community and vice versa. In order to rank successfully you must have community interaction and to get that, obviously, is to produce creative, informative, entertaining or compelling content.

Tip 7: Leverage Call to Action

Once you’ve engaged and touched a viewer with your message they are often left asking ‘what do I do next?’ – Michael Kolowich. Be sure to put contact information on your channel as well as in your video. I suggest slating the bottom portion of the last few frames of your video with websites url, email information and phone number. You may also want to use a call tracking number or promo code, which will enable you to track the ROI and overall effectiveness of the video. Also be sure to place the companies URL as the very first thing in the video description.

Tip 8: Take advantage of social media.

You can jumpstart your video marketing campaign by leveraging social media. Do this by creating a network of viewers that have interest in your product and/or service. Social media sites are an excellent place to have your videos viewed by people who may already be interested in your product. “If a picture is worth a thousand words, imaging what video is worth”. Video on social media sites will capture the viewer’s attention and act as a hook to get them interested in your product or service and direct them to your web site or in some cases contact you immediately.

Tip 9: Use email marketing in conjunction with video marketing campaign.

There are now options out there that allow you to embed video into your email message. A text or image link saying ‘watch our video” is not the answer.

Tip 10: Enable interaction and sharing

These features allow public interaction and syndication which in turn helps with your visibility, boosts your SEO ranking and adds additional on page text to your video landing page.



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Web Video Solutions San Diego is now offering LIVE VIDEO BROADCASTS for night clubs and event. We are now able to embed a player on a clients website and or any social media outlet, and broadcast live video of any event.Web Video Solutions - Live Video Broadcast - Snoop DoggIf you think that is cool there are also Apps available for the iphone and most smart phones that allow the user to view the live event straight on their mobile device, as well as chat with other viewers and moderator of the event.

Web Video Solutions has started offering live web video streaming services to customers in the San Diego area. We successfully streamed a live broadcast of Seedless Clothing 10th annual 420 show from the House of Blues, as well as Web Video Solutions - Live Video Broadcast - Seedless Clothinga live boxing tournament from Undisputed Down Town, and are scheduled to broadcast Snoop Dog Live from Fluxx night club this coming Thursday. We are excited to start offering this service, and think our client have been very happy with the results thus far.

SD Sign Depot hired Web Video Solutions to produce a web video overlay for their home page. It was a simple low cost addition to the site which helps grab the viewers attention while informing the viewer about companies products and services. SD Sign Depot long term video marketing strategy will incorporate additional advertising videos and videoo SEO strategy.

Web Video Solutions - Product Promotion Videos - SD Sign Depot

Owner Nate Poliakoff was very pleased at the new addition to the site and is looking forward to adding more video content to their site and marketing efforts.

“Spot the Dot” hitter training balls, decided to hire Web Video Solutions to produce a short 2 minute promotional video for their web page. It was a simple low cost addition to the site which helps better illustrate what the companies product is and engages the viewer by capturing their attention with the video. Spot The Dot plans on expanding their site by adding an on line video library of drills and training techniques developed by Spot the Dot trainers.

Web Video Solutions - Promotional Video - Spot the Dot



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