Online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years

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If you have a paid business listing with and you don’t already have a video ad, you are missing out on a tremendous opportunity. It is reported that the is a 30% higher chance of your add being clicked on and your business being contacted if you have a video ad. It is also reported that 82% of all videos on are watched in their entirety. Web Video solutions is now offering 3 business directory profile ad packages.
30 Second Custom Graphic Package The 30 Custom Graphic business directory ad package complete edited 30 second commercial piece. You send us 5 photos, your logo, and 5 talking points and we do the rest. We produce a high quality HD motion graphics piece with professional voice over with out us having to shoot a thing.

30 Second Package The 30 second business directory ad profile consists of a two hour High Definition video shoot at one specific location, minimal motion graphics, background audio and a complete edited 30 second commercial piece.

60 Second Package The 60 second business directory ad profile consists of a 4 hour High Definition video shoot at one specific location, motion graphics, background audio and a complete edited 60 second commercial piece.

Web Video Production

Phase 1 – We will help you identify the goals and objectives of your video. decide exactly who your target audience needs to be, prepare an outline of the points you want to make, and finally write a script outline of the piece that is to be produced.

Phase 2 – Once the final script has been approved, production (shooting) of the project can begin. Production for most video advertisements can be shot in one day. When looking for a production company it is very important to ask what format they are shooting in: SD (standard definition) or HD (high definition). Over 80% of internet connected computers are equipped to handle HD video. It’s very advantageous to choose a company like Web Video Solutions that uses high definition cameras. For more info on HD for the web read our blog post on HD for the web. Note: if you are working with a tight budget the production phase can be substituted with graphics and music.

Phase 3 – After the shoot is wrapped, post production can begin. During this phase all footage, music, graphics and sound get edited together and submitted for client approval. After the final postproduction approval, the videos will then be exported and compressed for the web, and syndicated through client approved networks.

Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

VSEO or Video Search Engine Optimization works much like traditional SEO. Video SEO help users find your video content and will strengthen your already existing SEO efforts. If you have video on the web you need Video SEO increase traffic to your site and boost video views.

Video SEO Web Syndication The Video SEO web syndication package distributes your video a crossed several web video channels and networks. Your video is optimized for best search engine results and custom keywords are used for optimum search placement. A one time setup fee of $450 is required. After the initial set up fee you only pay $40 per video.


Video Player Solutions

Single Player

Single video players, play a single flash formatted video with options that include custom player designs, player integration into the web site, and video statistics to track who, where, when and how your video is watched.


The video Multi-player is designer for businesses that have multiple videos they want hosted in one area of their site. We offer several players with different styles, sizes and options. All multiplayers come with the video statistics package.

Presentation Player

The Video Presentation player is a solution for those who have the need to integrate graphics into the presentation. Let’s say you are a speaker at a seminar and used powerpoint slides, this player synchronizes your graphics (powerpoint slides) to the video.

Web Video Advertisement

Based on your budget, Web Video Solutions can help place your web video commercial on millions of the top websites and blogs.
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Live Streaming Video

This is coming soon!

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