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Web Video Solutions San Diego is now offering Live video streaming services for businesses that are looking to broadcast live to the web as it happens. This is an exciting new way to drive content out to you audience, add inform and engage with them like never before.

Our High Definition streaming packages allow you to stream live footage straight to your businesses website, Facebook, and mobile devices. Automatically direct traffic to your stream through embedded social media application further broadening you audience reach.

During the live web stream we are able to insert images, graphic, power point slides, audio, per-produced video and more. Creating a highly produced web broadcast that will engage and entertain your viewing audience

For high traffic streams looking to monetize their content we can insert coupon codes, sponsor logos, internal advertisements and team up with ad delivery networks for additional in stream ads.

Our service also allows users to chat amongst them selves and with the moderator of the event, creating a dynamic viewing experience and adding a deeper level of engagement for the viewer.

“To say working with the Web Video Solutions team was a great experience would be an understatement. Having a live video stream at our event was a “first” for our industry and we’re glad we put that important task in their hands. Web Video Solutions not only delivered on all promises, they took ownership and cared about our event being a success just as much as we did. That kind of “secret sauce” is hard to find and will keep us coming back to Web Video Solutions as a live streaming customer.” – Jaime Solis, Co-Founder of – The Radio Ideas Festival

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