Online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years

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Web Video Solutions offers several video players and delivery solutions for all types of content and budgets. Incorporating video into your website is the best way to capture a user’s attention, and most effective way to educate, inform, and entertain an audience. Video players can help boost your SEO placement and even allow you to generate income by monetizing your videos though several different ad modalities. Web Video Solutions can assist in assessing your needs and help you decide on a platform that is right for your business.

Video Search

Video Players for Search:

When looking to add video to your online marketing strategy and your goal is to drive traffic then your best bet is to deliver you video content via YouTube. In the video search world YouTube is still king and most likely will remain that way. Although you may want to have on central place to house and deliver your video content in a clean sleek multi-player, it is still a good idea to have a custom YouTube channel created and have those videos embedded on your sites pages with similar content. This will create a richer viewing experience for the view on every page, encouraging longer stays and ensuring best search results. For more information about driving traffic to you site visit our video search engine optimization page.

Video Players For Organization of Content

If you are a business looking to house a bunch of video content in one place on your site, and want that content to be able to be viewed on all devices and organized and controlled by an all inclusive management system then a video content delivery network (CDN) also known as Video Cloud is your answer. There are several content delivery network platforms that offer up a wide variety of customizable player with open API’s, Social media sharing capabilities and powerful analytics. These Content Delivery Networks feature device detection, HTML5 for iOS and Android making video viewable on mobile devices.

Video Players With Ad Serving Capabilities

High traffic sites such as magazines, community web sites, deal sites, news and more might be entertaining the idea of producing video content as a new form of delivering information and entertainment for its viewers. If the site already has high traffic the video content will most likely have high traffic and can benefit from ad serving capabilities. Many Content Delivery Platforms allow the user to generate internal ads as well as integrate with ad delivery networks that will serve online video ads relevant to the video content that the site is producing. By producing unique content and monetizing your content through the use of ad integration the site is not just making money but is also creating a richer viewing experience for the viewer and ensuring longer page stays and higher search ranking. For More information about video advertising and monetizing video content visit of video advertising page.

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