Online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years

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Video Search Optomization

Know Your Goals

When embracing on your video search engine optimization strategy, its important to first establish what you want to achieve. Is it branding, targeting specific keywords or link building? Do you want lots of views on YouTube, or maybe its more tailored traffic to your website? Having your goals clearly defined will dictate the type of content you will produce where it is placed and how it is optimized.

Understanding how Google works

Google currently ranks pages in its search listing by tracking how much time is spent on a page before a viewer clicks off. The time recorded by Google of user on a page is what determines the quality of the page and inevitably boosts your ranking on search engines based on these results. Statistics have shown that people watching videos stay longer on pages in comparison to pages with text and images alone. ultimately enhancing user engagement.On average people stayes two minutes longer on a website when they watched video. Your chances of getting on the fist page of Google can be increase by 53%! so with this in mind it’s time to start taking online video seriously.

What is Universal Search and why is this important

Universal search results combines videos, photos, text into the one results page. Video thumbnails are now frequently found in the upper portion of Google’s search engine results pages and in some ocations have taken up as much space as the top organic text results. According to Comscore 38% of Google Universal Search results included video. Videos in these universal search results have a 41% higher click through rate than plain text and images alone. With this in mind, few things can keep a viewers attention better than a well-produced video the informs engages and entertains.

Taking advantage of the lack of Competition

We are living in the age of the the great Youtube online video land rush. Like our ancestors in the great land rush of 1889 who struck out across the western plains in search of their plot of land, anyone marketing their business online in the twentieth century is scrambling to get a piece of this wide open video landscape. Your 53 times more likely to get listed on the first page of Google by implementing video into your VSEO strategy because there is still much less competition for video pages.


YouTube dominates the results

YouTube dominates Google’s video results with around 80% of results (see example below). The remaining 20% of listings mostly come from video search engines like Metacafé, DailyMotion and Vimeo. Informational videos are king When it comes to the types of videos that Google likes to list, informational type videos do the best. In fact over 80% of the videos that Google serves up in the search results are informational videos. Pure sales style videos tend not to rank as well. So if the aim is to maximize your chances of showing as a video thumbnail link in the Google results, uploading informational videos to YouTube is your best bet…….

Cast a Bigger Net

Maximize exposure for your videos by uploading them to multiple video search engines. Hosting on sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, Metacafé and Vimeo increases views and link building opportunities. You can add links to your credits (either as part of your profile or in the video description field).

Choosing Sides

The age old question, shall I promote my web page or the YouTube page? When link building with video, you need to think about what page you want to promote. Is it the video search engine page, or your website? To get people to link to your website rather than directly to a YouTube page, add value to the page on your website. If you can do this, then people will feel more compelled to link to your web page than YouTube. One way you can do this is to embed multiple videos onto one web page to create a series of related videos. Another option is to re-purpose your videos to produce related content. This can include transcriptions, presentations, PDF downloads, screenshots as images and podcasts. Create pages on your site that are richer resources than the YouTube page then people will more likely link to your site. Remember the adage ‘optimize for users not search engines’. If you can optimize your web page it is sometimes possible to outrank YouTube.

Leveraging Social Media Links

You can get more links from a rich, resourceful video page by submitting it to social bookmarking and networking sites like Digg, Reddit, Delicious, StumbleUpon. Add Twitter and Facebook into the promotional mix and there is a lot of potential. Remember the links don’t only come from the sites themselves but from bloggers and others who share your link, write about it and display it via their Twitter feeds.

Strengthening the ability of Video to Index In search Results

Video as content creation One limitation suggested of video is that it’s thin content with nothing much for a search engine to index. Google’s technology is always advancing its ability to ‘read’ video content, there are many ways that video can be turned into rich user and search engine friendly content.Text transcription The most obvious solution is to transcribe the video into text content and paste that text on your web page underneath your video. This way users and search engines can read the content. If someone can’t turn the sound on because they are at work, they can still get the information.

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