Online video production will account for more than one-third of all online advertising spending within the next five years

(Borrell Associates)

Web Video Advertisement

Online video advertising is much like television advertising capturing the attention of a viewer in hopes of converting a sale or need for service. Major advantages that online video advertising has over TV is that it can be targeted and personally relevant to a consumer based on their individual web surfing behavior. Pre-roll Ads also allow the advertiser to track statistic and view analytical reports that give information on the viewers behavior. 15 and 30-second is the most effective lengths for in-stream Pre-roll online video ads. We

Monetizing Content With Advertising Integration

Video advertising allows producers of high quality content to monetize that content. By helping producers serve ads, through third party advertising networks and servers companies can ad a new stream of revenue to their high traffic sites. In addition to ads streamed by 3rd party networks many content delivery services also allow you to insert internal advertising as well.

  • BrightRoll Video Network
  • Google Sites
  • Hulu
  • Specific Media
  • Tremor Video
  • AdExcite
  • TubeMogul Video Ad Platform

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